Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pedro Ximénez en Rama Cruz Vieja 15%, Faustino González

Viscous, very deep blacky brown fading to amber at the rim.
There are lots of raisins and the usual dried fruits and then there is a spicier, very slightly savoury and interesting note of straw or esparto, cardamom, almost curry, which might possibly come from the mats the grapes were dried on. Then it reverts back to all that dried fruit with perhaps a trace of molasses.
Not quite as unctuous as some, which is a bit of a relief, and there is a healthy balancing acidity giving it good freshness and balance. It has an attractive tang  which is perfect for the sweetness of the fruit and there is absolutely no cloying, so it is rather too easy to drink, and has very good length.
The bodega launched this delicious wine in time for Christmas 2017. It must be one of very few single vineyard PX wines around and it comes from the family's own vineyard in the Pago Montealegre. The grapes were dried in the sun for 10 days before careful pressing, partial fermentation and fortification, followed by ageing and bottling without filtration. This is their first PX, made in very small quantities, and the result is splendid.
18,90 per half bottle, La Tienda del Jerez

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