Friday, 9 February 2018

Amontillado Mil Pesetas 18.5%, Pedro Rodriguez e Hijos

Bright, amber tinged mahogany fading to amber rim.
Fairly light and elegant with lots of toasted nuts, and gentle hints of wood and seaside, even a trace of iodine, toasted bread and caramel. Slight notes of autumn leaves and tobacco complete the picture.
Dry, but it has that attractive Amontillado characteristic of gently implied sweetness. Decent acidity and good balance give it excellent length, continually giving out those tobaccoey nutty flavours. It has a certain charm with quiet complexity and good length. Very drinkable.
Pedro Rodriguez e Hijos is in fact Barbadillo. When the founder Benigno Barbadillo died his widow married Pedro Rodriguez who was a relation of hers and also worked for the company which he then  ran for a while, and very efficiently, under his name but in partnership with Benigno's cousin, Manuel López Barbadillo. Although this wine is named after one Barbadillo bodega, it was actually aged in another, San Agustin, which gets it name from being on the site of the former convent of the Augustinian monks. Interestingly Pedro Romero used to sell a Manzanilla pasada called Mil Pesetas, and with exactly the same label design. Anyway, the name Pedro Rodriguez e Hijos is used as a sous-marque to sell in some export markets. It might be somewhere around 15 years old.
15 euros per 50cl, La Tienda del Jerez

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