Saturday, 17 February 2018

17.2.18 El Maestro Sierra in World Top 100 Wineries; Manzanilla Interpretation Centre for Sanlúcar

The bodegas awarded places in the prestigious American magazine Wine and Spirits’ 2017 Top 100 Wineries have now received their diplomas. Of only five Spanish wineries, three are from the Marco de Jerez: González Byass, Hidalgo la Gitana and El Maestro Sierra, the latter being accredited for the second time. This wonderful old bodega in Plaza Silos, Jerez, was founded in 1830 and is still in family hands, those of Doña Pilar and Doña Carmen Borrego Pla and their devoted and delightful team who still work using the time-honoured methods.

The Maestro Sierra team

The town council of Sanlúcar met recently with bodega representatives to discuss a plan for a Manzanilla Interpretation Centre to be located in the historic Las Covachas. The idea is to give the historic council-owned building a useful purpose and at the same time promote Manzanilla with a place to exhibit and explain the history and production of Manzanilla and the architecture of the bodegas. The mayor of Sanlúcar, Víctor Mora, was pleased with the response from the bodegas, who would contribute financially to a foundation jointly with the council allowing the payment of staff to run the centre. There was enough support for the project for it to go ahead over the coming year. Las Covachas is a series of gothic arches built in the XV century by the II Duke of Medina Sidonia into the cliff which separates the Barrio Bajo from the Barrio Alto.

Las Covachas on the Custa Belen with ducal palace above

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