Monday, 8 January 2018

Zerej II Vino Blanco 2014 14.5%, Barbadillo

Strawy gold with golden reflections.
Attractive, elegant and fairly serious with lots going on. There is a certain ripeness along with slight traces of flor and delicate floral notes with distinct aromas of camomile, then there are hints of stewed apple, apricot and even a creamy note, and it is all developing nicely into a lovely bouquet.
The wine has a certain presence with a gentle texture and perfect acidity. Despite the impressive floral and fruit flavours and a passing white Burgundy note, there is no getting away from the strawy chalky appley mineral backbone which reminds one of Manzanilla. Delicious.
!00% Palomino grown in the Cerro de Leyes parcel of the the firm's Santa Lucía albariza vineyard near Jerez. A few years ago, Montse Molina, the Barbadillo oenologist, decided to do something more with the plot and make something special. After some years of experimentation she came up with Mirabrás, a high quality white table wine, already released. The grapes were hand picked and briefly sunned, and after fermentation in ex Manzanilla butts and natural decantation, the wine was left on fine lees and briefly aged biologically. It was then stored in stainless steel tanks until ready for bottling without fortification. Interestingly, while the wine spent a brief period under flor, there is a slight oxidative element too. A complex and interesting wine which could be considered as an unfortified sobretablas of very fine quality.
No individual price as this is part of a set of four magnums which cost 180 euros. Naturally the individual wines will have different prices.

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