Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Manzanilla Pasada Saeta 15%, CAYDSA

Bright pale, lemon colour with silvery gold highlights.
Very Sanluqueño; fresh briny maritime notes with a faint hint of almond and herbal aromas like camomile and elderflower possibly. It is fairly saline, tight and quite subtle with a little more seriousness coming out as it warms up. Elegant and clean.
Quite crisp with decent acidity and that slightly saline marine note. It is fairly light and evidently not quite as mature as some Manzanillas Pasadas, yet it is good, and good value, with clear hints of what it would be like with a bit more ageing and clean crisp decently long finish.
The wine is made by the Cooperativa del Campo Virgen de la Caridad. The bodega was founded by Italian Esteban Bozzano in 1853 and was later run by his son Francisco and later by his son Esteban who bought the old Luis Bache bodegas in Calle Puerto. The bodega was finally sold to CAYDSA which was taken over by the Coop in 1980, though the name is still used. A Saeta is a flamenco-influenced lament-like religious song usually sung during Holy Week, and this brand name goes back to the Bozzano days.
5.45 ex bodega

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