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Bodegas: Viña La Zarzuela

José Manuel Bustillo Barroso, known to his friends as “El Busti”, comes from a long line of vine growers in the Marco de Jerez where he was born in a vineyard and has lived in one ever since. For much of his life he was a capataz de viña, or vineyard manager for one of the big Sherry firms as well as working with the Rancho La Merced, the research and training institute of the Junta de Andalucía, all the while looking after the family vineyard. He has also been working on wine tourism with Spirit Sherry and helping oenology students with vineyard visits. Now “pre-retired”, he has been devoting more of his knowledge and experience to his dream: making his own wines.

Vina La Zarzuela (foto:tripadvisor)

He owns the Viña La Zarzuela a 4 hectare vineyard in the pago La Zarzuela between the famous pagos of Balbaina and Añina, not far from Las Tablas which borders on the Las Conchas vineyard of Williams & Humbert. The vines are planted half way up a gentle slope which faces west giving it good exposure to the Poniente winds. It is mostly planted with Palomino but there remain a few old varieties: Perruno, Castellano, Mantua Pilas, Barcelonés, Cañocazo, even red varieties. Some believe it was these old varieties which propitiated the appearance of Palo Cortado. José Manuel sells most of his Palomino grapes to Williams and Humbert and has fun with the rest.

Jose Manuel Bustillo
Anyway, El Busti produces tiny quantities of wine including a Palo Cortado, but it is mostly for the use of family and friends. A very little Palo Cortado Viña la Zarzuela is bottled by the online wine shop La Tintoreria under their “El Marginal” label. The grapes are sunned for 3-4 days in the almijar, or yard, outside the vineyard house and only mosto yema – the first pressing – is used. The wine is not subjected to any treatment whatsoever, even fortification. It is an añada of some 20 years of age and bottled en rama with a wax capsule. Needless to say it is hard to find but worth the effort.

Address: Autovia A-480 Jerez-Sanlúcar, salida 21, carretera hacia Las Tablas
Telephone: 625705236

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