Monday, 15 January 2018

Palo Cortado Los Caireles 19%, Portales Pérez

Chestnut to mahogany to amber with bright copper tints.
Fresh and very nutty with lots of toasted almond and slight hints of turron, caramel, orange peel, cinnamon, and fine oak. It is very elegant and fairly tight with a faint saline twist reminding one of its Sanlúcar origins, but above all it has real charm.
Generously flavoured and clean, again with lots of nuts. It is medium bodied and dry but nicely rounded and again with that faint bitter saline note. It is a most attractive wine, beautifully balanced and with a little of that Sanlúcar verve and a very long clean finish.
This lovely wine was bottled from a small solera in early December as a special edition of just 500 bottles which will surely sell quickly as it is not only excellent but also well priced. The average age is over 15 years. This family- run bodega makes very good wine and deserves to be better known, and this could be the wine to give them the publicity they need.
19.50, De Albariza

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