Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2.1.18 González Byass Launch Solera Reservada Club

GB has launched an online club selling an exclusive selection of special Sherries which are not generally available. Membership is free - you just need to buy the wine - and offers various benefits which include 15% discount on GB products; auction of historic bottles from the firm’s cellar; two free visits to the bodega per year; 20% discount on tickets for the Tio Pepe Festival and direct access to the winemaker. There is an annual saca and the Sherries (and a fine vinegar) come in a set of 21 which includes:

3 x Fino Almendroso: selected 4 year old Fino en rama
3 x Amontillado: Over 40 years old, selected from 3 butts still showing traces of Fino
3 x Palo Cortado: Over 20 years old, selected from 4 butts
3 x Oloroso: Over 40 years old, selected from 4 butts for their elegance and complexity
3 x Dulce Palomino: Over 31 years old, made from overripe Palomino sunned at the vineyard
6 x Jerez Vinegar: Gran Reserva which has well over 10 years of solera ageing (half bottle)

Also included is a polished wooden cabinet to store the bottles. The complete set costs 1,950 euros including delivery. http://www.lasolerareservada.com/la-solera-reservada

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