Friday, 1 May 2015

Tio Pepe en Rama Saca 2015

Pale bright old gold with just a trace of brass, slight legs.
The nose is super refined and fresh with lots of acetaldehyde notes of raw almond, salinity and bread dough with pronounced bitter flor character. There are slight grapey/apricot fruit notes all integrated with and beautifully balanced by the flor with an added hint of minerality. There is a really refreshing vitality about this wine.
Tight and extremely fresh, dry as a bone and with considerable depth of flavour, this is a lovely wine which retains all the character it has in the solera. There is a lovely tension between the flor bitterness, the salinity and minerality on one hand and the slight fruit notes on the other, giving a really tasty, fresh and dynamic wine. Superb!
This is the 6th edition of this excellent wine which has a limited production, unfortunately, of only 16,000 bottles worldwide. Between October and April, chief enologist, Antonio Flores, examines wines from some 20,000 butts in the Tio Pepe soleras in the Rebollo and Constancia bodegas and marks with chalk the ones showing the most outstanding characteristics. This number is gradually whittled down to about 60 butts by April, when the final selection is made.
About £16 from proper wine merchants and available now, but hurry!

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