Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bodegas: Hijos de A Pérez Megía

Established in Sanlúcar in 1821, this old firm was into its fifth generation when it was bought out by José Medina via its subsidiary Luis Páez in 1979.

The attractive old bodega Reina Victoria built in 1891 was demolished in the 1990s. A protection order under the town planning regulations was not enough to protect it from speculative builders. It had an interesting roof construction whereby the beams supporting the two slopes were tied with steel rope rather than supported by arches.


Their brands included:
Manzanilla Alegría, now under the W&H label
Amontillado Jalifa,       “      “         “          “      (Foundational solera)

The name Pérez Megía is still used as a sous-marque in certain markets

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