Saturday, 29 June 2019

Vino Blanco La Choza 2018 13%, Viña Callejuela

Bright lemony mid gold with golden highlights.
Super fresh with all the classic hallmarks of Palomino with its characteristic apple aromas, both fresh and stewed along with a faint hint of glacé lemon and a  gentle mineral note. There is a little more weight here than in the Callejuela and Añina, as might be expected, and some texture as well, mot to mention some real charm.
With lots of apples, good and ripe, and  hints of quince and apricot it is a generous wine, quite full, sophisticated and beautifully rounded, almost soft. You hardly notice the gentle minerality that runs through it, but it is there, as is the dry chalky texture from the albariza adding complexity. This delightful wine proves that Palomino is by no means as simple as some seem to think.
Viña Callejuela own three vineyards in the classic pagos of Callejuela, Añina and Macharnudo, all at good altitudes for the best albariza. Here - apart from their  various standard Manzanillas - they produce three single vineyard table wines: Hacienda de Doña Francisca (Callejuela), Las Mercedes (Añina) and this one. They also use the same mostos to make three single vineyard single vintage Manzanillas in the Soleras de Almacenista range. Being from the Macharnudo, which is the farthest inland and thus warmest of their vineyards, this excellent wine is fuller and a shade stronger than the other two. The grapes for the table wines are picked a little later. It was fermented and aged in old well-seasoned Manzanilla butts without flor and bottled in April 2019.
13.50 euros, De Albariza

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