Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Amontillado Solera 1891 18%, Bodegas Velez

Medium depth mahogany fading to amber with copper highlights.
Forthcoming and attractive with lots of toasted almonds and hazelnuts along with hints of that wonderful smell that bodegas have and traces of pipe tobacco and autumn leaves. There is also that fleeting background note of sweetness which gives Amontillados their charm.
Nicely rounded with hints of garrapiñadas (almonds tossed in caramel), tobacco, toasted almond and hazelnut praline, all of which are on the sweet side, yet it is not sweet, though there is enough glycerine to make it very smooth which balances nicely with some volatile acidity and a faint salty tang. Tasty, long and characterful, and amazing value for money.
Established in 1857 in Chiclana, this bodega is little known outside its home turf which is a real shame as the wines are very good. Being in the Production Zone, they can´t sell the wine as Sherry, but they can to sell it bodegas in the "triangle" who can, and they are doing good business with cask seasoning, and of course local sales. Things could change for the better however if the Production and Ageing zones are merged, which is under consideration. This wine ages in the unusually low bodega Don Alfredo, named in honour of a long serving capataz, Alfredo Cieza Ruiz.
6.30 euros, Licores Corredera

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