Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pedro Ximenez Cedro 18%, Williams & Humbert

Almost opaque blacky brown with copper tints fading to amber at the rim, thick legs.
Strong and tangy notes of pasas at first followed by hints of damp barrels, dried figs and dates, fairly intense with a slight toffee note
Smooth, sweet, unctuous and broad with lots of dried fruit and a decent level of acidity, a hint of toffee and slight phenolic notes of coffee and wood. It has considerable length and is great value for money.
The brand name Cedro has had more than one incarnation. Once it was a Medium Dry and even a Manzanilla, but now it is a PX. I don't think it has any great age but is a textbook PX for a good price.
4.65 Euros from Aldi in Spain, I don't think it is available in the UK (check with UK W&H importer Ehrmanns) but it is in Holland and Germany - with a different label.

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