Thursday, 3 September 2015

3.9.15 Gastronomy in El Puerto, Cork Harvest

Better known as “the chef of the sea”, Ángel León, who has two Michelin stars has opened his new restaurant in an old tide mill in El Puerto de Santa María. Famous for his previous restaurant, “Aponiente”, he has transferred the name to the new venture which employs 40 staff. He confessed to being a little worried that he could successfully transfer the soul of the old restaurant to the new, but at the same time is proud of the new premises. Bookings are already sold out till mid-October. Naturally the wine list includes a healthy selection of Sherries and the sommelier, Juan Ruiz, best sommelier of 2015, will be recommending them.

The chef of the sea in his tide mill (foto:lavozdigital)
El Puerto has another attraction coming up: Encuentro Gastronómico con la Sal y el Estero (gastronomic encounter with local salt and produce of the estuary). This takes place on the 12-13 September at the Castillo de San Marcos and eight restaurants will be showing their skills, including Aponiente, El Faro, El Bar Jamon and El Puerto. Tickets are €33 which includes both days at the show and a crystal glass with which to taste wines from Bodegas Grant, Caballero and Forlong. The local distillery Rives will be there with their famous gin, a bakery and even an artisan rooftilemaker.

The 2015 Cork Harvest in Spain has produced a very good yield of 90,000 tons, an increase of 5% on last year and of high quality, despite prolonged drought and high temperatures. Cork is mainly produced in Andalucía, Extremadura and Cataluña and some 80% will be used to seal wine bottles. Spain has 25% of the world’s cork trees and is the second largest producer after Portugal.

Recently cut sheets of cork bark (foto:efeagro)

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