Friday, 4 September 2015

La Bota de Manzanilla No 55 15%, Equipo Navazos

Lightly amber-tinged strawy gold with slight legs.
Intense, concentrated nose with plenty of flor, dry scrubland and olive brine notes with the slightest hint of wood and quite a sharp maritime character. Big, assertive and very Sanlucar.
Full big and tasty, very dry with a good fairly sharp tang which carries it through along with some flor bitterness and salinity giving it real impact and terrific length, but it cries out for seafood!
Another winner from Equipo Navazos, but I'm a bit confused. On the back label it says "Embotellado en origen: "Miguel Sánchez Ayala" (whose RE number is 38) and then gives the RE number for La Guita. Maybe it was bottled there. It also says "Saca de Noviembre 2014" yet the website says "Octubre 2014." Be all that as it may, this comes from 22 of the old toneles in the most mature Manzanilla solera at Sánchez Ayala which has 50 butts with twelve scales and small monthly sacas. The same solera produced Numbers 4,8,16,22 and 32. The wine is not much over 6 years old, but it is super complex.
About €20 in Spain, £35.00 from Berry Bros. in London. UK agent Alliance Wine

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