Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bodegas: Viña La Callejuela

After working in the Sherry vineyards for 20 years as his father had done, Francisco Blanco Martínez, fondly known as “El Blanquito” set himself up in a small artisan bodega in the barrio alto of Sanlúcar in 1980 to sell wine to the bodegas. During the next decade he gradually bought various parcels of vineyard in El Hornillo, Macharnudo, Añina, Las Mercedes, La Callejuela and La Casilla among others totalling over 28 hectares. In 1997 with his two sons Pepe and Paco already working with him, Francisco moved the firm to the elevated ground of the pago El Hornillo on the eastern outskirts of Sanlúcar, where they built two bodegas now containing 700 butts with pressing, ageing and bottling facilities among the vines.

They had only been selling in bulk till they decided to create their own brand “Callejuela” which was first bottled in 2005. Since then they have created a range of seven wines under that label. The vines, all planted in albariza, were only Palomino until 2015 when they planted some Pedro Ximénez to ensure that all the wine in their range comes from their own vineyards. They are also experimenting with some almost extinct vine varieties. Above all they believe in the vineyard, the vine and the land as being the key to a good wine and many of the wines are from single vineyards. This strictly family bodega is ably assisted in winemaking by the outstanding oenologist Ramiro Ibáñez.

The range consists of:
Manzanilla Fina Callejuela, Manzanilla Madura Callejuela and the Manzanilla de Añada which was produced from 11 exceptional butts of 2012, one of which is bottled and released each year, so there are very few bottles each year and there is a lengthy waiting list for this limited quantity.
Also Amontillado, Oloroso, Cream, PX and an older more upmarket hand labelled single vineyard range:
Oloroso El Cerro, Palo Cortado Quinario, Amontillado La Casilla and Manzanilla Pasada Blanquito. There is only one annual saca for these.

Unfortunately the Manzanilla de Añada is sold out already - till 2025! The PX (only very limited quantities) and Manzanilla Pasada are sold out before the following year's saca.

Address: Camino del Reventón Chico, 27 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz
Telephone: (+34) 617 492 483/607 837 354
Visits? Yes, by appointment

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