Saturday, 20 June 2015

PX VOS 15.5%, Bodegas Tradicion

Intense opaque browny black through deep walnut brown to yellow at the rim, long slow legs.
A strong savoury note leads into phenolic notes of burnt toffee, wood, coffee, then fruit: dried figs, dates, lots of pasas, and a hint of licorice. It smells old and concentrated with a hint of dankness, a classic PX nose.
Concentrated yet has a light feel with a wonderful pulpy texture. The phenolic notes and decent level of acidity make it seem less intensely sweet for a wine of over 400 grams per litre of sugars giving it a beautiful balance and fantastic silkiness. The massive depth of flavour just keeps on growing and then lingers and lingers. Wonderful.
This was bottle number 2,841 of 3,900 bottled by hand in 2014 with an average age of 22 years. No fining or filtration was carried out and the wine is wax sealed with a driven cork with a stopper cork provided for resealing. Interestingly, 15 kilos of grapes were needed to produce this one bottle!
About £60 retail. UK agents are McKinley Vintners

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