Tuesday, 23 June 2015

23.6.15 "Probably the Best Manzanilla in the World"

It has a very strange name – or rather number: 11540 which is the postcode for Sanlúcar. It is a Manzanilla Pasada bottled en rama at 9 years old, and is blended from the 6 or 7 best butts from the 15 or 16 oldest butts from which they bottle the Barbadillo En Rama. These are kept at Barbadillo’s Arboledilla bodega where they keep the oldest Manzanilla soleras. The firm has a total of 31,800 butts of Manzanilla.
There has only been one saca so far (June 2015) consisting of 750 bottles especially for the Madrid restaurant Surtopia. The project is the brainchild of the restaurant’s chef and “fac totum” a Sanluqueño called José Calleja who is totally enamoured of all things Sanlúcar. He reckons the wine should improve in bottle for over 10 years but is already thinking about a Palo Cortado.

Should you be in Madrid, Surtopia is at Calle Nuñez  de Balboa, 106 in the Castellana district.

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  1. Actually the post code (codigo postal) for Sanlucar de Barrameda is 11540. That said I really must try and wangle a bottle of this from the bodega on my next visit...