Thursday, 18 June 2015

18.6.15 Ruiz Mateos Jailed; Harley Heaven; Jerez, Culrura y Vino; Ruta Website; La Goya Cocktails

José María Ruis Mateos, founder of Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa has been jailed by surprise in Madrid for defrauding Hacienda (the Spanish Inland Revenue). It was felt that because of his age (84) and physical and mental condition he was no longer able to serve the 3 year sentence, but he was submitted to tests and deemed capable. Sending someone to jail at this advanced age is extremely unusual, and his daughter Patricia had to rush to the jail with his armoury of medications.

This weekend sees the arrival of some 10,000 Harley Davidsons in the Marco de Jerez for the annual rally of worldwide Harley clubs. The event coincides with the Carrera de las Leyendas (Race of the legends) at the Jerez circuit. Trouble is not expected, but the main problem is where so many people are going to sleep.

Typical Harley rider (foto:lavozdigital)
The Consejo Regulador is tonight hosting the presentation of the book “Jerez, Cultura y Vino” published by Peripecias Libros which consists of the collected talks given by various experts on Sherry and its culture in celebration of Jerez Ciudad del Vino 2014. Subjects cover wine, architecture, history, poetry, art, archaeology and more.

Tomorrow there will be a presentation at the Consejo Regulador of the new Ruta del Vino y Brandy de Jerez website and promotional video developed as part of the “Vivejerez” project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. is now live and offers visitors the chance to organise their tours and create made-to-measure tours as well as book them.

Delgado Zuleta has celebrated the V Manzanilla La Goya Cocktail Competition at the Hotel and catering school of Sanlúcar. 27 current and past students competed and the winners will be presented with their prizes at the bodega on Monday. The winning cocktail was:
Cocktail Al-Andalus by Nazaret Marín Gómez

3cl La Goya, 4cl banana liqueur, 2cl mandarin liqueur, 4cl alcohol free passion fruit liqueur and 1.5cl lemon juice

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