Sunday, 21 June 2015

Manzanilla en Rama I Think 15%, Equipo Navazos, saca de Octubre 2014

Pale brassy gold with light legs.
Full and saline: beach, seaweed, very maritime with plenty of flor bitterness and amazing breadth. Super fresh yet serious with slight savoury autolytic notes, olive brine and a very slight hint of oxidation in the background. This could only be quality Manzanilla for its intense yeast and seaside character.
Delightfully tangy and quite intensely flavoured with terrific salinity, dry bitterness, hints of autolysis and that trace of oxidation making it very complex and yet full of life. This is a lovely wine – proper Manzanilla - bottled with minimum filtration so all its solera character is retained. It has a really long and intense flor powered finish which develops complexity even as it fades.
Aged about 4 ½ years in the La Guita solera and 8 months in bottle, this is from a lot of just over 5,000 half bottles, and is the current release. The wine is bottled from time to time, more on an ad hoc basis than as a regular bottling, but always either in spring or autumn when the flor is thickest. It is delicious now but would reward keeping.
About £ 11.00 per half bottle at Drinkmonger Edinburgh

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