Wednesday, 3 December 2014

PX Sacromonte 15 Years Old 15%, Valdivia

Very deep blacky burnt umber to amber to yellow at the rim, very viscous.
Quite intense, lots of pasa, dried grape pulp, date, dried fig (you can smell the texture) with traces of coffee, even a slight note of tar, a hint of alcohol and a slight note of old barrels. Rich, hefty, fairly concentrated and not excessively sweet.
Full, assertive, viscous with all sorts of flavours: chocolate, coffee, raisin (naturally), oak, fig, prunes, caramel, toffee, even licorice, really quite complex and serious, intensely sweet with interminable length. Really very good.
Aged for 15 years and contains about 380 g/l sugar - quite low really for PX, but no bad thing as flavour can get lost in too much viscosity. It would be good to see the whole range here, but Liberty only import the 15 year olds: Amontillado, Oloroso and this PX. It would be better still to see someone buy this bodega which has been languishing since its purchase by Garvey (read Nueva Rumasa). These wines are good though. 91 Penin points for this one.
A 50 cl bottle will set you back about £20.00. UK agents Liberty Wines.

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