Monday, 29 December 2014

PX Antique 15%, Rey Fernando de Castilla

Dense, almost black, burnt umber fading through amber to yellow at the rim, very viscous.
Most attractive and quite intense nose with the intoxicating smell of the bodega and the pasas from which the wine is made, you can even smell their texture. Then there is a complex array of aromas like coffee, dried figs and dates, even hints of chocolate and licorice, all very natural tasting, perfectly balanced and integrated by age.
Full and intense with a fantastic balance of tanginess and sweetness, wonderful texture, toffee, caramel, dried fruits, not much oak but a certain seriousness which makes this such a classic PX. Lots of nuances - you could play with this for hours, and then it has terrific length. Lovely.
This superb PX would be classed as VORS, but Jan Petterson does not believe in the system. This old solera was bought in the 1970s by Fernando Andrada Vanderwilde, shortly after he had set up the bodega which specialised in the best possible Brandy de Jerez, and the bodega sold these two products only until the arrival of Jan Petterson in 1999 who purchased the bodega and soleras of the neighbouring almacenista, José Bustamante to create a full range of Sherries. This wine is nearly 30 years old with around 450g/l sugar and  a refreshing 7 g/l total acidity, and like the rest of the range bottled in clear glass so one can appreciate the colour.
£25.95 per 50 cl bottle at Drinkmonger and well worth it, reasonable widely available, UK importers Boutinot.

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