Sunday, 28 December 2014

28.12.14 Gonzalez Byass Launches 2014 Palmas

The Palma range 2014 from Gonzalez Byass is now available. This set of four wines shows how the Fino character of Tio Pepe develops when it is given the chance to age longer. As always, this is a very limited release, and I would urge you to hurry if you want some.

After a gentle summer with plenty of west wind, the flor was in very good condition, and the firm’s oenologist and master blender Antonio Flores set about preselecting the butts with the most intense Fino character. The final selection was made by Antonio assisted by well-known blogger Jamie Goode ( and involved a lot of toing and froing between the bodegas La Constancia, La Cuadrada and La Reservada.

A Palma is a Fino which is outstandingly clean, refined and delicate. The number of Palmas (cask markings) relates to the wine’s age. The Palma system is not used much these days, unfortunately.

Una Palma:
A very fine wine selected from three butts aged longer than standard Tio Pepe.
Dos Palmas:
From a selection of two butts, aged longer and still with pronounced flor notes.
Tres Palmas:
Even older, this selection from just one butt is a Fino-Amontillado with the flor at its limit.
Cuatro Palmas:

This is now a very old Amontillado, around 43 years, and selected from just one butt. An absolutely beautiful wine and GB’s oldest Amontillado.

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