Friday, 12 December 2014

11.12.14 Gonzalez Byass join Grandes Pagos de Espana

González Byass’ Finca Moncloa vineyards have joined Grandes Pagos de España. GPE is an association, established in 2000, of wine producers across Spain whose motive is to produce, defend and promote wine from a specific terrain which reflects the unmistakable character of the soil, subsoil and climate. This is what the French call “Terroir”. A wine should taste of the place it was created.

GB are only the second producer from Cádiz to join this association, the first being Valdespino with their Inocente vineyard in the Pago Macharnudo. Finca Moncloa, situated near Arcos de la Frontera, was established to recuperate lost traditions, and where they have planted much Tintilla de Rota, a variety which was all but lost, and make a wonderful wine with it.

Finca Moncloa (foto: correodelvino)

Alfredo García González Gordon, fifth generation of the GB family, is the driving force behind Moncloa. As an agricultural engineer he has travelled extensively in other wine regions, and according to him, the farther south he went, the more he liked the wines, so the concept of table wine from Cádiz was born.

The vineyards are in an enviable position, sheltered from the awful hot dry Levante wind by the Sierra Valleja. They benefit from a reasonably high altitude and plenty hours of sunshine during the vegetative cycle, not to mention spectacular views from the highest parts of the vineyard. There are no other vineyards in the area and little habitation. Despite the cultivation being quite difficult, with steep slopes and shallow soils as well as differences between parcels, every year has produced fine quality.

Only a single vineyard whose characteristics differentiate it from those nearby can be considered as a Pago. These differences could be in the soil structure, a specific orientation, microclimate or in the grape varieties cultivated. As a result the fruit should be of exceptional quality and the wine stored or aged apart from any others.

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