Monday, 22 December 2014

22.12.14 Tokyo Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of DO Manzanilla

Last Tuesday a special Manzanilla festival was held in Tokyo in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Manzanilla’s own Denominación de Origen.  This social and festive event was organised by Sherry lover and Sherry Educator Tomoko Kimura.

That's Tomoko on the left
Many Manzanillas were represented and married with a variety of tapas prepared by the chef Saskai, proprietor of Ardoak. Many people who are interested and indeed passionate about the wines of Andalucia turned out at the recently inaugurated bar restaurant Miz which belongs to the prestigious venenciador Toshiaki Mizuta who was accompanied by another venenciador, Tomomi Watanabe. For such a special occasion, Mr Mizuta created a special Manzanilla cocktail.

Translated from an article in Más Jerez by José Luis Jiménez.

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