Monday, 2 February 2015

Cream 17.5%, Delgado Zuleta

Quite dark, deep, slightly red – toned brown fading through amber to yellow at the rim, legs.
A nice mix of savoury salty Sanlúcar notes and pasas, quite rich and generous with hints of walnut from the Oloroso. Fruity and savoury at the same time, but if anything more fruity with an attractive raisin pulp texture.
Rich and full – flavoured yet reasonably light. Sweet and soft but has a gentle tang to balance. Not a wine of any great age- a commercial Cream, but very fruity and pleasant with a good texture and long finish. Would be nice on ice with a slice of orange or as it is with pastries.
This wine is 4-5 years old and a blend of Oloroso with a little Amontillado and PX with a little moscatel. It has different labels for different markets, and is also known as Zuleta Cream.

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