Sunday, 17 February 2019

Brut de Mar NV 13%, Cala y Arrobas España SL

Pale strawy gold with bright golden glints. Lively mousse, at least at first.
The light elegant fruity aroma of the Zalema is apparent with faintly floral notes and traces of apricot, mango and papaya along with very slight hints of apple. The nose is gentle, very slightly exotic and most attractive yet it still has something which takes you to the Marco de Jerez.
Quite fruity up front, mostly from the Zalema one would imagine, with a trace of fruity sweetness (brut can contain up to 12 g/l sugar) but that soon fades away leaving a lovely chalky texture and a clean dry slightly saline finish which is quite long and which gives away its origins. Good.
Cala y Arrobas España SL is a joint project formed by the fusion of Artesanos Jerezanos SL, run by Genaro Cala and Arrobas y Cia., run by Luis Benjumeda Arrobas in El Puerto de Santa Maria. They have already had some success with Francisco de Cala Sparkling Vermouth and this is the latest project. Sparkling wine is not totally new to El Puerto; Ramón Jiménez Varela made "Champagne Continental" in the late XIX century. Luis has been working on this since 2006 and it was finally launched, though only 540 bottles, after consumer testing in August 2014. He uses Palomino harvested a little earlier than usual to preserve good acidity along with Viura and Zalema. The latter is a grape native to and nearly only produced in nearby Huelva. The wine is made by the Traditional method of bottle fermentation as used in Cava and Champagne. Like the latter he uses more than one vintage of Palomino and the proportions of the blend vary slightly from year to year depending on what works best, but they are roughly equal. They are trying to increase production while still retaining the artisan and local character of the wine. The bottle is in blue glass to emphasise the maritime roots of the wine.
10.50 Licores Corredera

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