Friday, 5 October 2018

Petit Verdot 2013 14%, Santiago Jordi

Opaque almost to the rim, black plum/cherry red, and fading traces of purple.
Full, fairly intense, with notes of toast and wood shavings from the French oak, very ripe plum, still a little closed but there are traces of violet and blueberry and a faint saline note as well as as a light refreshing tangy bramble hint in the background.
Full, concentrated and well structured, acidity and tannin - of which there is plenty, but not at all aggressive - are very nicely judged and overall balance is excellent. There is plenty of ripe, mature red and black fruit with a slightly mellow feel and while the wine is on the hefty side, it is smooth, and leaves you very satisfied with a dry-textured fruity finish.
This is the first release of Santi Jordi's Petit Verdot. It is made from 100% Petit Verdot grapes grown on albariza soil in a single vineyard with vines aged between 9 and 13 years old located between Jerez and Arcos. Selected bunches are hand-harvested and 80% de-stemmed before a pre-fermentation cold soak. Fermentation in wooden vats at controlled temperature lasted 10 days and the wine was left to macerate on its lees for a further 6 days before racking along with 30% of the lees. It then spent 12 months ageing in  1 year old Allier oak barrels where most of the lees self decanted during winter 2014 and it received a light filtration before bottling. Petit Verdot has long been used in Bordeaux, at least as a component of blends, but fell out of favour as it often ripens too late. It is ideal for the Andalucian climate however. Production was 1016 bottles. While it now has some 4 years in bottle, it could do with perhaps another 3 to reveal its full panoply of flavours and aromas.
18.35 euros, Licores Corredera

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