Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Fino Ecológico en rama Añada 2015 (2) 15%, Williams & Humbert

Brass tinged gold with a little depth and golden reflexions.
There is an interesting balance between faintly sweet traces of apple and quince puree and bitterness from the flor. It has some weight and depth as one might expect from a wine which has not been refreshed and there are some slightly herbal notes of esparto, sourdough and olive brine.
Quite full and intense for a Fino, perhaps less fruit now and more straw with  just the very faintest hint of oxidation. It is very stylish, assertive and serious, yet elegant with a pronounced texture, at once chalky and with a hint of grapeskin, and great length. Not only super interesting, but delicious.
Bottled on the 27th July 2018, this is a second saca of the first ever organic vintage Fino en rama from a single pago: Burujena in Trebujena. The first saca (qv) was bottled in March so there is around four months more crianza. As before, the must was fermented at 22° and fortified with organic spirit to 15.5° so the flor has consumed half a degree over around 3 years meaning it would have to be bottled before that level dropped to below 15°. Not all the Añada butts turn out to be Fino of course, so there is not much of this unfortunately.
15.50 per 50cl Licores Corredera

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