Saturday, 19 March 2016

Moscatel Dorado 17.5%, Bodegas César Florido

Deep bright burnished gold with legs.
Perfectly ripe zippy yet luscious almost honeyed Moscatel nose with an attractive freshness and lots of grapey fruit and slight hints of tea, all in perfect harmony.
Lots of juicy Moscatel flavour and enough acidity to balance the sweetness giving an attractive tang which prevents cloying during the long finish. This is delicious.
This classic Moscatel is made from overripe grapes and fortified to retain the natural grape sugars. It is then aged for over a year in a solera system. It is the youngest of the Moscateles produced by César Florido, the leading bodega in Chipiona, which is itself the leading area of production, and is delicious almost any time when served chilled. My family had an elderly cook from Cádiz who insisted she never drank, but who always enjoyed a glass of Moscatel de Chipiona!
About 8 euros.

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