Saturday, 26 March 2016

Manzanilla Solear en rama Saca Invierno 2015 15%, Barbadillo

Mid depth bright gold with brassy highlights, legs.
Most attractive, very fresh and quite tight with lots of crisp up-front flor and background notes of brine, bitter almond, straw and a  hintof wax. There are also a very slightly buttery element of autolysis giving a lovely Manzanilla Pasada aroma with minimum oxidative character.
Crisp clean and saline with a decent acidity giving plenty of tangy flor bitterness all balanced beautifully by the weight and roundness offered by the fairly intense oxidative Pasada flavours. This wine is very clearly defined and has terrific length. Delicious.
Released just a few weeks ago. The oenologist, Montse Molina, says “This saca is splendid, radiant and luminous. On the nose it has a great variety of nuances of yeast, biological ageing, bodega, nuts, finesse and elegance. On the palate it is powerful yet charming with a long and persistent finish. It is one of the most expressive of all the sacas of this historic series.” The butts from which the selection is made are in the bodega El Potro and form part of the intermediate soleras between Solear and Amontillado Príncipe in other words the oldest butts of Manzanilla, so it's certainly over 8 years old. It has been a mild winter providing good healthy flor.
9 euros at Licores Corredera, Jerez

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