Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Manzanilla Madura 15%, Viña La Callejuela

Golden hued pale straw with golden glints and some legs
Fresh, forthcoming and refined with unmistakeable saline seaside notes, dried flowers, constrained bitter flor, dough and a trace of chamomile all in perfect balance. There is a depth to this which belies its years but it doesn't shout it out, it is well-behaved and you need to look, but as the wine warms in the glass, it is most certainly there.
Beguilingly easy to drink, not the wild racy style of Manzanilla but well brought up, smooth, fresh well rounded and elegant. And then there is that depth which contains the slightest savoury lees note and plenty of flor. It has considerable length and is delicious.
Callejuela wines are excellent - and their soleras are still young. Lots to look forward to. This is one of three Manzanillas they produce and fits between the Fina and the Pasada, @ 8 years old.
Around 11 Euros ex bodega.

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