Monday, 7 March 2016

Fino Cruz del Mar 15%, Bodegas César Florido

Bright strawy gold with silvery-gold highlights, legs.
Fresh and zippy with hints of of dried flowers, chamomile perhaps, and plenty of flor, hints of salinity and minerality. Very maritime with traces of brine and bread dough. There is a certain depth and complexity for a wine of only three years of average age, and a noticeable resemblance to good Manzanilla which comes from nearby.
Clean and fresh with a crisp lively acidity and bitterness from the flor, this is delicious and perfect for local seafood. It has considerable length and charm.
Made from grapes grown on old vines in the firm's own albariza vineyards in the upper part of Pago Miraflores and Balbaina and aged for three years in a 62 butt solera only 50 metres from the Atlantic. This not only gives the wine some of its saline freshness, but also helps the flor grow all through the year. This is not DO Sherry but is every bit as good. On a small viewpoint at the beach, at the end of the street stands the Cruz del Mar, a stainless steel cross atop a lamppost, which looks out to sea over ancient fishing corrals consisting of long low curved walls made of oyster stone where the tide strands fish. Chipiona is a very interesting place. The firm also has a tiny 9 butt solera referred-to in the bodega as "Manzanilla" as the grapes came from Miraflores and it has certain such characteristics, but being from Chipiona (production but not ageing zone) it must be called "Fino". It is not bottled or commercially available but quite delicious.
About 6 euros

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