Friday, 2 October 2015

Oloroso Añada 2001 20.5%, Williams & Humbert

Quite pale, gold flecked amber fading to yellow at rim, pronounced legs.
Delightful nose, young, vibrant and quite intense, like walnut bread baking in a carpenter's workshop, sawn exotic woods, linseed oil lots of nuts: almond and hazel, slight hints of pork crackling and bitter orange marmalade peel with a glyceric sweetness. This is a wine in a comparatively early stage of oxidation, given that it was in a sealed butt and it is as fresh as a daisy if not exactly weak in alcohol. For a complex wine it has a remarkably easy-going nature.
Starts big yet mellows and shows off the remarkable complexity it has for its age. Broadly similar to the nose: freshness, woodiness but without the tannin, a trace of cinnamon, nutty, a hint of orange, long, dynamic, lively, a young genius setting out into the world. What a lovely, interesting wine!
This is a slightly unusual Vintage from W&H having been released in April 2015 at just 13 years old, (though there was a 2001 released in 2013) a much younger age than usual, but then they are released when deemed ready and their age does vary, as does the price. For example the 1975 (Amontillado) was released at 25 years old and the 1982 (Oloroso) at 18 years old, or at least some was. It should be borne in mind that the bodega releases more than one saca of the same vintage. They make 50 butts a year, so there will be various Olorosos of a given year. Any of them, however, would handsomely repay many years' further ageing in bottle, especially the younger ones. Following the very early (then) harvest of 2000, the 2001 was a very good year - throughout Spain in fact. Some of the añada wines are released labelled as a single cask.
€ 36.30 Limited availability naturally. Best to try and secure it online.

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