Friday, 30 October 2015

30.10.15 BIB Manzanilla?

In a direct challenge to the rules of the Consejo Regulador some bodegas in Sanlúcar are launching DO Manzanilla in Bag in Box. Deliberately flouting the law the bodegas, with the exception of La Guita, Barbadillo and Delgado Zuleta, have produced BIB Manzanilla with official labelling. Up till now they have only used declassified wine without official labelling. They are holding a press conference today to announce their aim of establishing  a new association of wine producers to defend their interests.

Some of the BIBs available (foto:diariodejerez)
The decision to produce BIB Manzanilla was taken after consultation with the Junta which seems to support this so long as it is not sold to the public. In article H.4 of the regulations governing Manzanilla de Sanlúcar which covers packaging of DO wine it says: “Vessels which contain DO wines for public consumption shall be made from glass or other materials which the Consejo Regulador might approve which do not impair the specific properties of the product.” The Manzanilleros, and apparently the Junta say that the sale of BIB is almost entirely to the bar and restaurant trade, and thus not for public sale. This confrontation looks like being a long one.

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