Friday, 16 October 2015

Manzanilla Pasada Soluqua 15%, Bodegas Barón

Very pale for its age, strawy gold with light legs.
Lots of flor and seriously salty olive brine, yeasty and marine with the slightest suspicion of membrillo in there somewhere, bitter almonds and dried flowers, but overall zesty flor bitterness. Not much autolysis so pretty fresh and quite tight, but certainly appealing and quite complex.
Salty and seasidey on entry with a decent tang which matches the dank flor bitterness. Quite intense initially but really quite light. It could only be Manzanilla for its saltiness and dank flor, but it seems to be hiding its light under a bushel called "elegance". It does give more as it warms up though and has  terrific length. It is a lovely wine.
This is the firm's top Manzanilla which is around 10 years old. It is not cheap though, so the value for money question pops up. While it is excellent wine, typical Manzanilla, it is hard to credit its age, but then it has been at least lightly filtered, which is a shame as it will have lost some of those desirable characteristics of a Manzanilla Pasada.
€27 ex bodega. for UK price Morgenrot are the importers.

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