Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Manzanilla Aurora 15%, Pedro Romero

Pale strawy gold with very light legs.
Quite full with an attractive slightly savoury hint from autolysis. Lots of bread dough, flor and a trace of wood with a distinct dampness and strong briny maritime aroma. Complex and attractive with a classic Sanlucar character.
Full, assertive, multifaceted and serious, lots of flor bitterness still with that autolytic note. Very briny and quite saline with lots of character and excellent length. Delicious - real Manzanilla.
Launched in 1907 the brand was named by Pedro Romero in honour of his wife Aurora Ambrosse y Lacave whose portrait is on the back label. She assumed control of the bodega after his death in 1911, later leaving it to her sons. It was initially a Manzanilla pasada, but is now simply labelled as a Manzanilla though it is about 9 years old and certainly has some pasada characteristics, and there is an en rama version. The solera has 7 criaderas and the bodega is in the Barrio Bajo area of Sanlucar and one of the closest to the estuary of the Guadalquivir with all the concomitant fresh sea air. The bodega is currently in receivership which is a terrible shame as its wines are such classics.
About 7 Euros in Spain, in Britain try Robert Anthony Wines

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  1. Looks like they just got new labels. Much more marketable ones at that!