Saturday, 15 November 2014

Amontillado Antique 19%, Fernando de Castilla

Quite pale old limpid amber with coppery reflections to pale yellow rim, legs.
Very aromatic, classic old Amontillado: roasted hazelnuts, old barrels, that implied honey-nut sweetness, fresh and quite crisp, liveliness belying its age, yet very elegant despite being quite full, a beautifully precise wine which keeps on giving.
Develops nicely on the palate, starting off quite light, but the complexity grows, dry but with hints of softening glycerol which eliminate any astringency, traces charcuterie are followed by hints of oak, toast and loads of nuts. This is an old wine, but it is very fresh, quite tangy, its charm hides its weight. Serious.
The Antique Amontillado solera consists of three criaderas and a solera, and is fed by wine of eight years of age from the Antique Fino solera. Antique Amontillado is bottled at around 20 years of age and only once a year (in winter, when the lower temperatures help sediments fall naturally) in limited quantities after a minimal filtration. It is excellent.
This wine is sold in 50 cl. bottles, each in a cardboard tube at £26,95 at Drinkmonger, Edinburgh, Scotland. UK importers are Boutinot.

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