Friday, 21 November 2014

21.11.14 Tsunami in Cádiz? New Book about José Estévez

There is a real risk of a tsunami which could affect the Bay of Cádiz according to the director of the National Seismic Network of the National Institute of Geography of Spain. The most exposed areas are the Bay of Cádiz, Huelva and the Mediterranean coast as well as the Balearic Islands.

The Network has already worked on tests and simulations of undersea quakes of the past, and the National Tsunami Alert Network is awaiting the appointment of a Civil Protection directorate to be fully put into action. All sorts of instruments are sending in data in real time which will be analysed to help predict when and where a tsunami might strike and what height the wave will be.

The Bay of Cadiz (foto la voz digital)
There will probably be less than 5 minutes’ warning, and it is more likely to occur in the Mediterranean, but it would do more damage if it occurred in the Atlantic. The worst natural catastrophe in Spain was a tsunami caused by the earthquake of 1755 which killed 1,200 people in the Bay of Cádiz. Paleoseismic research suggests that there could already have been five throughout history. In the Mediterranean five lower intensity tsunamis have been recorded between 1790 and 2003 provoked by quakes off the Moroccan coast.

The publication of a new book about José Estévez written by his daughter, oenologist Maribel Estévez was celebrated yesterday in the bodegas he founded. It is a hommage to her father, “It is not a biography, it is not a novel but my father would merit many more books. Here I am talking about what I know and what I experienced of a man who did so much for the Sherry business with his perseverance, ingenuity and innovation. It was more difficult writing a book than making wine!”

Maribel Estevez (centre) with her co writer (L) and publisher (R) - diario Jerez
The book displays a lot of professional knowledge, and clearly explains terminology, vineyard work and anecdotes. It describes the family art collection, the coach museum, label collection etc. There is even a chapter in which celebrity chefs give recipes to match to Estevez wines. The book is titled “José Estévez y el Vino de Jerez” and is published (in Spanish) by Canto y Cuento.

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