Saturday, 1 November 2014

1.11.14 Japanese Venenciadores; VI Copa Jerez; VI European Day of Wine Tourism

Yoko Kamiya is the winner of the 2014 Venciador competition in Japan. 120 Japanese professionals entered the competition and were soon whittled down to 62, who were in turn whittled down to 8 finalists in a competition sponsored by the Consejo to promote Sherry generically in export markets. Yoko is now a “Venenciadora Oficial del Vino de Jerez”.

Yoko Kamiya "venenciando"
The VI Copa Jerez competition is under way. International restaurants compete to represent their country and the winners then compete among each other to win the prize for the best food and Sherry matching menu. Next May battle will commence with the Spanish winner, restaurante Atrio in Cáceres taking on restaurants from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, Holland, Britain and Russia. Whoever wins, it will be good for Sherry.

Paz Ivison (l) and Beltran Domecq (r) with the Atrio team
Celebration of the VI European Day of Wine Tourism will take place in Jerez from the 6th till the 9th of November. Over 50 events are in the calendar such as open doors at bodegas and other tourist attractions, tastings, conferences and theatre. There will be vineyard visits in all-terrain vehicles, a sketching competition, Ruta del Guiso (stew route)as well as participation from the tabancos. 

The organisers present the 2014 poster

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