Friday, 14 November 2014

14.11.14 Press Release for Julian Jeffs' New Edition of the Classic "Sherry"

Here is the press release for Julian Jeffs' latest edition of his book "Sherry" which is among the best books ever written on the subject. It should be in the library of every Sherry lover. 

                         The authority on sherry since 1961

The sixth edition of Julian Jeffs’ classic work Sherry is published this November by Infinite Ideas as the third book in its Classic Wine Library.

In 1956 Julian Jeffs got a job (by chance) in the sherry bodega of Williams & Humbert. Having decided he needed to learn all there was to know about sherry he read everything he could lay his hands on regarding the subject. It quickly became evident to him that there was no single accurate, reliable book on the subject and so he decided to write his own. Since then fashions in sherry-drinking have changed dramatically but Jeffs’ book has remained the standard work, published in every decade over the last fifty years.

This revised edition of Sherry is much-anticipated and brings the story right up to date. Much has changed since he first wrote his book. Technological advances mean that the way the wines are made has changed, market forces have seen many great names in the trade disappear and tastes mean that we are drinking different types of sherry than we were fifty years ago.

Sherry covers everything the sherry enthusiast might want to know and also makes a comprehensive guide for anybody involved in the sherry trade.
·         History: from the Phoenician colonisation of Andalusia through the boom years of the late nineteenth century, to the current revitalisation of the trade though the rise of boutique bodegas.
·         Sherry making: detailed chapters on viticulture, wine production and the maturing of sherry.
·         The wine: focusing on the appreciation of sherry and devoting an entire chapter to manzanilla, a sherry that has finally come into its own.
·         Comprehensive, fully updated directory of shippers and thorough appendices and glossary.
This is an essential addition to any wine-lover’s library.

After leaving Cambridge, Julian Jeffs worked in a bodega in Jerez de la Frontera, where he saw every stage in the production of wine. He was then called to the Bar but took two years off to write the first edition of this book, and to pay other visits to Jerez before practising. A successful career in law did not prevent him from writing two more books on wine. In the past Jeffs has been President of the Circle of Wine Writers, and General Editor of Faber Wine Books.

About the book
Title                      Sherry
Edition                  Sixth
Author                  Julian Jeffs
Publication date   20th November 2014
Price                     £35
Specifications       Hardcover, 234  x 156mm, 272pp, mono illustrations, colour plates, also available as an eBook
ISBN                     9781908984296

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