Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14.10.14 Tabanco San Pablo Celebrates 80 Years.

This great tabanco in the San Miguel area of Jerez has been open continuously since 1934. There others which have been there longer, but which have suffered periods of closure. This family business, run by Jesús Muñoz, has stoically survived periods of unfashionability, when the tabancos looked like being lost and there were only two left: El Pasaje and San Pablo. Luckily there has been a revival, and there are now many.

(article:Jesus Sanchez, foto + Jerez)
San Pablo has great atmosphere, and if the walls could speak they could tell all sorts of anecdotes about the characters such as actors, bullfighters who have visited over the years. In celebration, San Pablo has organised a tasting of the famous Jerezano dish Berza (a stew of cabbage, beans, chorizo etc) and a venenciador will dish out copitas of Sherry as befits one of the "temples" of Sherry.

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