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Bodegas: Primitivo Collantes

The history of this bodega in Chiclana goes back to the end of the XIX century, 1889 in fact,  when the brothers Primitivo and Tomás Collantes Lloredo arrived there from the Valle de Iguña near Santander. Their first harvest was in 1903, and before long they bought from Don Manuel Lloredo, presumably a relative, part of a bodega in the Calle Ancha, 51, which remains to this day their headquarters. This bodega is known popularly as the “Bodega El Gallo” (The Cockerel) and is still run by the 4th generation of the family.

Over the years the brothers worked hard and the business grew. They went on to acquire a site in the Calle Arroyuelo, now the site of their bodega de crianza. In 1946 the company was registered, becoming a limited company in 1973 under the name Primitivo Collantes SA. The firm makes wine and vinegar from the produce of its own vineyards which are in the registry of the Consejo Regulador for Sherry, along with the bodega de elaboración and the bodega de crianza.

The bodegas over the years
The vineyards consist of Pozo Galván (17.3 ha.), Matlián (19.53 ha.) and El Inglés (18.31 ha.) totalling just over 55 hectares of long established albariza soils, very similar to those of Jerez Superior but with a more coastal climate. Wines are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks before being transferred to butts for ageing in criaderas and soleras. The firm is associated with the well-known oenologist Ramiro Ibañez Espinar.

Seven Sherries are produced and a table wine:

Fino Ceballos (3years old), Fino Arroyuelo (5 years old from solera with 5 criaderas)
Moscatel Viejo Los Cuartillos, Moscatel Oro Los Cuartillos
Amontillado-Fino  Fossi (5 years old)
Oloroso Los Dos (7 years old and slightly sweet)
Cream El Trovador (Oloroso + Moscatel)
Viña Matlián (Table wine made from Palomino launched in March 2014, but only 4,000 bottles)
They also make very good vinegar aged in solera

Address: J. Canalejas, 51, 11130 Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz
Telephone: (+34) 956 400 150 and 956 400 767
Visits: Mon- Fri  07.00 – 15.00 by appointment

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