Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26.8.14 Vendimia; Huge Bunch of Grapes; Vuelta a Espana; Horseracing Sanlucar

The harvest is in full swing with over 25 million kilos of grapes crushed already. The sugar readings in the grapes are averaging 11.7 Beaume. The crop will be smaller than last year, due to lack of rainfall, but the quality is looking very good. Meanwhile, many Spanish people have been heading off to France to help with the harvest as there is such a lack of temporary jobs in Spain. 80% of the Sherry harvest is now performed by machines. Once there were 20,000 pickers, now barely 5,000.

What 4.42 kilos of Palomino looks like (+Jerez)
Trebujena’s annual bunch of grapes competition has been won by Francisco Baez Caro, whose bunch of Palomino grapes weighed in at 4.42 kilos. Winner of the Pedro Ximenez was Manuel Gil Parra whose bunch weighed 3.97 kilos. The record so far is last year’s bunch weighing 6.845 kilos, but last year’s grapes were bigger.

(foto diario bahia de cadiz)
The Vuelta a España is also underway, and no fewer than 96,000 people were there in Jerez to watch the 12.6 kilometre timed event. The three venencias in the fountain at the Plaza del Mamelon will remain there, along with the stack of barrels, both of which were erected to form a departure point for the race.

(foto voz digital)
In Sanlucar, the famous horse races are under way at Las Piletas beach, with much exciting racing to be seen by the thousands lining the beach.

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