Tuesday, 12 August 2014

11.8.14 Various Items of News

The cork harvest has begun in Andalucia, including in the Montes de Propio near Jerez. Total Andaluz production of around 3 million kilos of cork will provide temporary work for some 129,000 people. In the Montes de Propio, cork generates a fundamental economic base for the area, with a production of 650,000 kilos generating some 900,000 euros. Andalucia is the world’s second largest cork producer with 15% behind Portugal with 61%. Cork can only be harvested every 9 years or so, so this is not exactly a full time job, yet it requires skills with an axe.

(foto: +Jerez)

Famous bullfighter Fran Rivero and chef Jose Andres visited the bodegas of Luis Caballero in El Puerto de Santa Maria after the bullfight, where they were offered a glass of Sherry and the traditional opportunity to sign a butt.

(Fran Rivero 3rd left and Jose Andres 2nd right foto: +Jerez)
Jerez now has a tourist bus which takes visitors on a sightseeing trip round the city. The 45 minute tour takes in the Cathedral, the Alcazar, the Chuch of San Miguel, the Cloisters of San Domingo and various bodegas. There are 9 strategically positioned stops, and people can get on or off where they like. The service is run by City Sightseeing, an international company.

Jerez sightseeing bus (foto lavozdigital)
The XLVII Fiesta de la Buleria will be celebrated on the 6th of September at the Jerez bullring and will pay homage to the great Jerezano cantaor (Flamenco singer) Juan Moneo “El Torta”, a wonderful interpreter of the local Buleria, who died last year. There will be a fantastic bill with many top cantaores. Not to be missed if you are in Jerez.

(Juan Moneo Lara "El Torta" foto lavozdigital)

Sherry Vinegar is selling very well. While the first semester of 2014 has shown a 5% decline in sales of Sherry, vinegar has increased growth by 25%. Sales for the period were 2.4 million litres, a record, and much of the increase was in Spain.

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