Tuesday, 12 August 2014

12.8.14 Chiclana Sherry Roundabout; Gonzalez Byass Harvesting

Chiclana has an amazing new roundabout. It is on the road to Las Lagunas opposite the inn “El Florin” and is dedicated to the local wine industry. It is a clever structure which shows a venencia filling a copita and is even fitted with a fountain and an anemometer to shut off the water if the wind is likely to blow it about, as well as being illuminated. It was designed by the Chiclana firm El Pincel.

(Foto: Voz Digital)

Gonzalez Byass has begun harvesting Sherry grapes in their La Canariera vineyard in the Pago Carrascal in what may be one of the earliest vintages in history. The first grapes picked by both people and machines arrived yesterday at the production plant “Las Copas” where the “pies de cuba” or primary fermentations are now under way.

Grapes arriving at Las Copas (Foto:Diario Jerez)
Grapes from the inland vineyards are always the first to be picked, but this year the ripening has been very uneven due to variations in the weather. A prevailing west wind, as happened throughout July, usually slows down the ripening and the temperatures have never reached 40C, yet the grapes are ripe enough at 11 Beaume. GB have been among the first to begin picking, and the grapes are in excellent health. Due to the uneven ripening, the harvest will certainly go on till the 3rd week of August, and will in all probability be finished by the start of September. Barbadillo have their primary fermentations going already and expect to start bringing in the bulk of the harvest tomorrow. Williams & Humbert and Beam (Harveys) will be in full harvest from next Monday/Tuesday.

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