Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fino En Rama Vintage 2006 15%, Williams & Humbert

Yellowy gold, quite bright, light legs.
Intense, lots of flor, very yeasty with waxy straw notes and gentle hints of autolysis, generous, quite full and very dry, with traces of dry scrubland in the background. This is serious stuff.
Tangy and yeasty, full and bitter, not particularly salty, very Jerez, delicious feel and depth of flavour from autolysis, traces of wood and sheer intensity, with a long very dry finish, a lovely wine.
This is Fino Pando without stabilisation at 7 years old, (bottled 2014) and shows just how good it is. Also, as a vintage wine or "Añada" it is quite unique. Out of 25 butts filled for this experiment, only 2 developed into a vintage Fino as the flor died off in the sealed butts. Vintage Sherries must be sealed by the Consejo, and this usually kills the flor, but it can, occasionally, survive, and this is one of those rare occasions. It is of course very limited.Unfortunately Pando itself is not available in the UK. This Fino en Rama 2006 (IWSC Gold winner) forms part of the W&H "Treasure Selections" range which includes As You Like It and a 1982 Vintage single cask Oloroso. So lots of interesting things at W&H, especially as they are continuing every year with the vintage Fino!
Around £ 25.00 per 50 cl bottle and well worth it for its uniqueness.

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