Friday, 25 July 2014

Amontillado La Garrocha 18%, Bodegas Grant

Gold tinted amber, looks fairly young, legs.
Light nose, very slightly floral with definite traces of fino and hints of autolysis and oxidation. It has some weight, considerable charm and lots of all kinds of nuts, even turron yema tostada and some glyceric sweetness. Very attractive young Amontillado.
Quite full, nicely textured with  a trace of sweetness balanced by hints of oak. There are early oxidative notes, those which appear before the full nuttiness of older Amontillado, so this is quite a young wine and at an interesting stage, more of a Fino Amontillado, but that term can no longer be used.
La Garrocha (which is a dance performed on horseback with a stick) is only about nine years old, and thus has spent most of its life under flor, which certainly shows. They produce another older Amontillado as well, but this one is fun.
Not available in the UK, but half bottles sell at $14 in the USA.

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