Monday, 15 May 2017

Talayón Brut NV 12.5%, Miguel Domecq

Pale golden straw with golden glints, legs, fine mousse but no bead.
Fresh and fragrant with subtle notes of white flowers, pear, paraguaya (a form of peach) and even a slight mandarine note with traces of yeasty bread. It also smells very like good Chardonnay.
Really nicely balanced. You would hardly notice the 10g/l sugar as it balances out the acidity from the early picked grapes so the wine feels good and dry. It is very clean and there is a slight mineral note which must come from the albariza, but beware, it is very moreish!
Launched in November 2016, this is the latest project at Miguel Domecq's  Cortijo de Torrecera not far from Jerez. The 32 hectare vineyard lies between the XII century Moorish Torrecera tower and the bodega itself on pure albariza soil. Since the vineyard is so close and the grapes are picked at night, absolute freshness is assured. The wine is 100% Chardonnay, and the vines are always subjected to green harvesting (discarding excess bunches to concentrate flavour in the remaining ones). The grapes are given a 24 hour cold soak at 8°under CO2 to avoid any risk of oxidation, and the first fermentation lasts 16 days at 17° while the second fermentation takes place in bottle where it remains for 9 months before disgorgement. It contains 10g/l residual sugar to balance the acidity and salinity from the soil. So it is made by the traditional method used in Champagne, and with same grape variety (as a blanc de blancs anyway) and from similar soil. And for the first release of the wine it is really successful, especially for the price. No vintage date is given, but it is likely to be a 2015.
7.95 Licores Corredera

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