Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Manzanilla Sacristía AB 15% Saca Diciembre 2015, Antonio Barbadillo Mateos

Some depth of colour, bright brassy gold with golden glints, legs.
Considerable depth and complexity: humid salty seaside air, straw, dried flowers and scrub, lots of flor bitterness and a distinct note of cabezuela, the yeasty sludge at the bottom of the butt. There is a trace of ginger somewhere in the background adding an exotic note to this classic Sanlúcar wine.
Intense flavour backed up by good acidity really carries it across; there are buttery, nutty notes from the cabezuela and bitter ones from the flor, there is a trace of apple from very slight oxidation and while there is a humid feel, the overall effect is very dry. It is packed with flavour and very long.
This outstanding wine was selected and bottled en rama in December 2015 as the year's second saca, it bears the hallmarks of a long hot dry autumn. This Manzanilla is a Pasada, with probably at least ten years' age, yet this is not stated on the label. It now has 14 months in bottle to add further complexity, and comes from Francisco Yuste' bodegas which contain some superb Manzanilla. If Manzanilla is the "señorita del vino", then this señorita is very well endowed!
15 euros per half bottle from Enoteca Museo del Vino, Mijas

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